Techgardens is a leading integrator and authorized reseller of Smartoptics Products—Explore Our Site

Techgardens is a leading integrator and authorized reseller of Smartoptics Products—Explore Our Site

Techgardens is a leading integrator and authorized reseller of Smartoptics Products—Explore Our Site

Mobile Backhaul

As 5G deployment comes on the horizon, many network operators are now switching to fiber-based architecture that takes fiber all the way from the mobile switching center to the antenna base station.

A fiber-based architecture results in the flexibility to use low cost passive backhaul solutions. Coupled with CPRI-based fronthaul solutions, these passive backhaul networks can provide greater bandwidth to the RRH’s and optimize the mobile access network architecture.

Deploying a fronthaul architecture now, in preparation for 5G, gives mobile operators a jump start on this transition and can help simplify true 5G rollouts when they are available. provides both active backhaul solutions as well as CPRI-based fronthaul solutions. We provide cost-efficient solutions for both CWDM and DWDM channels making possible a broad range of multiplexing schemes in a single or dual fiber configuration.

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About SmartOptics

Smartoptics provides innovative optical networking solutions and devices for the new era of open networking. They focus on solving network challenges and increasing the competitiveness of our customers. Their customer base includes thousands of enterprises, governments, cloud providers, Internet exchanges as well as cable and telecom operators.

They leverage modern software design principles and expand network horizons by having an open networking approach in everything they do. This allows their customers to break unwanted vendor lock-in, remain flexible and minimize costs.

Their solutions are based on open networking standards and are used in metro and regional network applications that increasingly rely on data center services and specifications. The products they deliver are based on in-house developed hardware and software and enhanced through associated services.

Smartoptics is a Scandinavian company founded in 2006. They partner with leading technology and network solution providers and uphold numerous certifications and approvals from major switching and storage solution providers such as Brocade, Cisco, HPE and Dell EMC.

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